Vidmate App – Get Free HD Video Downloader [Official Site]

VidmateVidmate is a video downloading application and that is evident from its name. You can save almost all of your favorite videos over the internet to watch whenever you feel like. If you are a constant commuter or if you are traveling to places where you might not get good network coverage, you could pass your time watching these downloaded videos. Vidmate is an Android application but it is not available on the Google Play store. So, if you want to know how to download this fantastic application, read on.

Download VidMate

You can choose to download the application by clicking the download button located above.

Features of Vidmate

Vidmate as an application is packed with a lot of features. The application is quite small and it won’t take a lot of memory space on your phone. And because most of its working depends upon online activity, the application is sure not to harm your smartphone hardware. And the application is available free of cost. Some of the more profound features are discussed below, be sure to read them.

1. Unlimited HD video and movie downloadvideos and movies download

Vidmate application’s sole purpose is to grant access to the unlimited videos available on the internet. These include movies, documentaries, and other such videos. The application allows you to download without any set limit as long as your internet can take the weight of the downloads.

2. Unlimited music downloadUnlimited music download

The internet is a storehouse of fantastic stuff and quality music is one of the most sought-after entities over the internet. Vidmate makes it possible for you to download unlimited music covering Hindi, Tamil, and other such regional Indian languages. You can sit back and relax listening to playlists created by other users or create one yourselves. This feature makes the application so much more practical.

3. Fast downloadfast download

The recent updates of the application made sure that it stays stable and equipped itself with better downloading technology. This makes downloads happening at a much faster rate and hence saving a lot of time. You can even choose to download multiple videos at once if you have a good internet connection. There are options for you to pause a video download and resume it whenever you want without having the fear of any kind of loss.

4. TV channelsTV channels

As the internet is becoming more and more accessible by the people, they are ditching the TV cables and turning towards the world wide web for content. Vidmate has a long list of Television channels that covers a lot of your favorite TV shows. So as long as you have a stable internet connection you can use Vidmate to watch a variety of different TV channels.

About Vidmate

Vidmate is a Chinese made application owned by the UC mobile corporation private limited. The application is necessarily a video downloader application that assists in downloading videos from over youtube and other such websites. The application runs over the Android operating system as well as the Windows platform. Vidmate has not yet been developed for iOS devices so if you are trying to get it over your iPhone, it won’t work.

The application is a side product for the Alibaba group that specializes in global online trading. Hence, Vidmate is known to use your data and send it to other apps in exchange for money. Hence it becomes imperative that you use a good quality VPN while using an application like Vidmate.

Download Vidmate for Android

Vidmate saves you the hassle of turning on the internet time and again whenever you want to watch a particular video online. The Android version of this application works amazingly well in downloading such videos from YouTube, Instagram, and other such platforms. You can download Vidmate for Android by using the link given in our article as you won’t find this application over the Google Play Store.

>>Vidmate for Android<<

Download Vidmate for Windows

You need to download this application from a secure website or link as the application is quite famous and will be available on many websites including the harmful ones. The application is modified to fit the Windows platform and is stable. The application even provides extensions on certain websites making the download procedure much more straightforward.

>>Vidmate for Windows<<

Download Vidmate for iOS

If there’s any website that claims to have links to download Vidmate on an iOS device then it is advised to stay away from such websites. There is no version of this application that is compatible with any iOS device.

>>Vidmate for iOS<<